How it works

I work from photographs. Choosing the right photo is crucial – please see the examples at the foot of this page. Absolute focus is essential as I view them on my laptop and ‘spread’ (enlarge) them to get maximal detail. If they are blurred when I do this, I cannot draw the details so please do check yourself before sending me the photo. If you’re unsure, we can send photos to and fro, so that I can guide you as to what will work.

I draw close ups of faces. I may edit your photo to cut out extra features that take away from the face. I’ll check with you before I do this.

If you are uncertain, send me a selection and I will let you know which I think is the best. Typically, well-lit photos without harsh shadows work well. It’s typical of portraits that a face in repose without a broad smile works best. I find it more intimate if a face looks away at a distance but the choice is yours.

Typically, it takes me a couple of weeks to make a drawing. I then send you a photo of the drawing (watermarked ‘Draft’) with an invoice indicating how payment may be made. When payment is cleared the drawing is posted via recorded delivery.


A4 size drawing £75 + p&p at cost

A3 size drawing £90 + p&p at cost

Examples of good pictures







Examples – things to avoid

This photo is too dark so detail is lost. It is also blurred when ‘spread’.

The nose is almost invisible because of the softness of the afternoon light. This makes drawing almost impossible.

Out of focus when ‘spread’ to draw detail.

Perfectly in focus but the deep shadows will spoil a delicate drawing